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Typography Posters

For this project, I wanted to do something different. I love doing branding but in the chase of doing branding presentations, I wasn’t able to apply these branding principles onto something tangible. So, I thought I should design some posters which would be indicative of my skills as a designer. Now, let’s get into it.


I knew I had to create posters for this project and that was it. Other than this, I didn’t know anything about this project so coming up with an idea for this project was kinda hard. First I thought I should do some trending posters like for Football or Endgame etc. but I thought that would have a shelf life and would get outdated pretty soon. So, I just started a new project in Affinity Designer without knowing what I was gonna create. Now, let’s get to the process.

DEsign Process

After starting a blank project, I just started typing out random things on the artboard. I knew I was going to use these posters for my Instagram, so I made the document size to be 1080×1350 which is the maximum size for portrait Instagram posts. All of a sudden, I thought I’ll just focus these posters on typography as I wasn’t planning on doing any illustrations or using photos in this one. I thought, why not just make posters about Typography.

Poster 1

I started making the first one just by writing the word ‘Typography’ in the middle of the artboard. I started going through my font library to see which one looks the best and adjusting the tracking and kerning. I settled with the font ‘Anton’ for the first poster. I opened a website called Coolors which is an awesome tool for generating random coloraturas schemes. After generating a few color schemes, I found the one that would look good and used it on the poster. After adding the color, the design really came to life and this is the first poster design.

Typography Poster 1

Poster 2

Since I had a vague idea of what I had to make for the second poster, all I had to do was to look at the first poster and think of some ways in which I could have designed it. One thing that I knew was I would use all lower case characters for this poster as I used only the upper case ones in the first poster. I also thought that I would do something more than just using the type in this one. I started experimenting with circles for this one. I made a circle and added a stroke to it which made it look like the circumference of the circle is made using small dots. I adjusted the size of these dots and set it so that the stroke scales with the object. I made the smallest one to be 100×100 in size and then continued duplicating it and increasing the size by 100px. I made 13 such circles. Then, for every alternate circle, I rotated it to 22.5° so that the dots appear as if they are in the middle of the dots in the circles adjacent to them. I know this doesn’t make much sense in text but you’ll get it once you see the design. I used the same website for generating the color scheme and I used the font Gotham Ultra. Have a look at the design!

Typography Poster 2

Poster 3

Now that I was very happy with the first two posters, I had think about making another variation of the poster. Notice that I gave both the posters a border of the same width to tie them together. I obviously wanted to continue the same border in the third poster too. For this one, I used the font Montserrat Black. I wrote the text ‘Typography’ and adjusted the kerning to make it look good. I thought that the previous two posters had very clean and light backgrounds. So, I wanted to break this trend here. I used a grey color for the background and generated a color scheme that only consisted of light frosted colors. I stacked the text by duplicating it and giving it different colors in the background. I also tilted the whole stack to make it more dynamic. For the text that needed to be in focus, I used a vertical layout and adjusted the leading. This poster was looking really good but the centre text was a little hard to read which I had to fix. I reduced the opacity of the background stack to 50% and added outer glow to the text as well as the border with the same color as the background. The overall result is my favourite out of the three just because how dynamic it looks. Have a look and see for yourself.

Typography Poster 3


These were the three Typography Posters that I designed. Let me know which one was your favourite. Also, please let me know any feedback, comments, suggestions etc. that you might have in the comments below. I will continue to create more designs going forward and if you would like me to create something, just let me know. The best place to do that would be the comments or just shoot a DM on my Instagram. Anyways, thanks for reading. I really appreciate you being here.

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