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Saint JWLZ Branding Case Study

This is my first ever branding project that I did for a client which makes this one special to me. I am really thankful to the client for being so open and offering me to experiment to heart’s content. Freedom and openness are very important for any project to be good. Although you’ll find very different kinds of clients every time, the ones that allow you to be free and suggest anything are my favourite kinds. Now, let’s get to the post. In this blog post, I have shared my process, mindset and some of the resources that helped me to achieve the results on this particular project and the many more that followed.


Saint JWLZ is a premium clothing and accessory brand. They have all kinds of accessories for men and women including watches, wallets etc. which are made using premium materials. I was approached by the founder on Instagram. He said that he follows my work and really likes it. It is always very humbling to hear things like these. I was new to branding at that time and I am still very much new to it but I didn’t have anything to show that I’ll be able to do the branding at that time. He just wanted a logo but I educated him about branding. We agreed on experimenting and making it work. I only charged him for the logo though as I was only confident in charging for that only at that time. I think this would be sufficient context for this project. Now let’s get to the process.



1. Goal Statement

I learnt a lot of what I know about design, business and especially branding from TheFutur and one of the things Chris Do focusses on is that each project should have a goal statement that will allow you and the client to judge the success of the outcomes. So, I thought I would start incorporating this rule from this project. This is the goal statement for this project.

“To make a brand that looks professional and appeals to the target audience.”

I know this goal statement seems generic as it isn’t very clear. That’s where learning comes into play. If you look at my more recent branding project like Hilton Wheels India Branding Project you’ll notice that the goal statement is much more clear.

2. Target Audience

As with every branding project, you should know who are the intended customers for the product. This information helps you to incorporate the design elements, language, photography etc. that resonates with the interests of your customer. The target audience for Saint JWLZ are people that belong to the following demographic.

  • 18 to 35 years old
  • Men and women
  • Middle or upper income level groups

Again, I know this isn’t very well defined but this was my first project. My only motive behind sharing this is to motivate others who don’t feel confident enough to start something new. Life is a process. You’ll get better eventually but taking the first step is the most important thing.

3. Values

Values are the characteristics of a brand like you associate premium, well-designed and innovative with Apple or luxury, reliability and power with Rolls Royce. Everyone perceived these values differently but we, as designers, have to create something that most people (especially from our target audience) can understand. These are the values for Saint JWLZ.

  • Luxury
  • High Quality
  • Exotic

4. Stylescapes

Another thing that I learnt from TheFutur is to use different ways to present an idea. One that caught my eye was something called a stylescape. Think of it as a visual representation of the whole brand identity at once. It includes typography, colors, photography, patterns etc. Again, this was my first time creating these stylescapes but I was very happy with the outcome regardless. So, I proposed two design directions for the brand and here they are which you can find below.

Mood Board 2
Direction 1: White Gold
Mood Board
Direction 2: Black Gold

The second direction, Black Gold, was chosen by the client. So, I proceeded with that for the next steps. This stylescape already contains a lot of branding elements like colors, type, photography, materials etc. but not the logo.

5. Logo

Since the brand aesthetic had already been established, all I had to do for the logo was to make it fit with the rest of the branding. I studied the logos for other brands that share similar values with Saint JWLZ. Here, it is.



6. Tying Everything Together

Once the logo was approved by the client, I just made sure that everything ties well together. I put the logo on the stylescape and it looked like it belonged right there. I adjusted the colors a bit to make it look better. I was very happy with the final outcome and the client appreciated the work as well. You can find the final stylescape below.




This is a project that I am really proud of as this was my first branding project and still I managed to do a good job design wise and was able to satisfy the client. I would love to hear what are your thoughts about it in the comments below or on my Instagram. Thanks a lot!

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