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Eatery Branding Case Study

Branding Eatery has been one of my favourite projects of this year so far. I would love to take you through this project in this post. This is a fake brief that I generated using an online tool as I wanted to go all in on branding with this project. Anyways, let’s get into it.

Design Brief

Eatery is a company that develops new ways to discover places to eat by combining a dedicated team with a friendly face. Their main product is an app that lets the user discover places to eat at home using cloud software. Their target audience is male adults. They want to convey a sense of innocence, while at the same time being business-like. They require a total branding package that would include creating an appropriate brand name, a consistent visual system, and of course a great logo.

This brief was generated using this online generator.


Planning and Research

Since the brief offered so much freedom, I had a lot of playing field. I started the planning process in a software called ‘XMind‘ which is used to make something called a Mind Chart. It is basically a visual representation of your thought process and is very helpful during brain storming sessions or note making. This is what I made using this software to me up with and select ideas.

Mind Chart made using XMind for Eatery Branding Project

Designing and Execution

After the plan was ready, it was time to begin execution. I decided to use Affinity Designer for this project instead of Adobe Illustrator because I wanted to try it. I had heard good things about this software from multiple sources and that boosted my motivation to try it out.

Since the values of the company were decide as innocent, professional and innovative, I thought it would be a good idea to come up with a hand lettered logo for this company. It would fit these values and also the name is small and one-worded which also contributed to my decision of going for the hand lettered logo. Here is the sketch of the logo design. I tried a lot of formations and thought that this one looked the best.

Sketch for the Eatery Logo


I made a complete brand identity system for Eatery and I cannot wait to share it with you all. Here’s the final design.


This project helped me learn the software Affinity Designer and XMind. I was also very satisfied with the final result. When I shared them on Instagram, people also seemed to love the designs and especially the colours scheme. I would love to hear what you think about the designs. Feel free to drop your comments in the comments section below. Thanks a lot!

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